Product Overview for Heating jackets and heating mats

Heating Jackets are employed in many areas of industry, in research, laboratories and experimental facilities as well as in production. They are used to heat, for example: columns, reactors, UHV facilities, valves, piping, flanges, containers, drums, gas cylinders, etc. Heat input takes place via a heat conductor which is either crocheted into a carrier material or sewn on. Our heating jackets consist of glass fabric, glass yarn or silicate yarn. The heat conductor is either crocheted in or sewn on following a meander-type pattern. Thermal insulation is ensured by an insulating layer adapted to the operating temperatures. A robust outer cover, chosen specifically for the existing ambient and operating conditions, provides mechanical protection.


  • A complete system tailored to the customer’s requirements, comprising heater, sensor, thermal insulation, electrical connection and closure using lace-up hooks or hook and loop fastening
  • Heating across the entire surface so that the heat input is evenly distributed and the risk of local overheating is avoided  
  • Hand-made products precisely fitted to the model or original
  • Excellent workmanship combined with high-quality materials to guarantee a long service life